Bringing female empowerment to fashion

WIF Founder Daisy Walker also offers brand consultancy & speaking.


With many years of experience in the world of online & offline conversation, WIF knows the gripes of Gen Z & millenials.

Want to know how to be more responsible? Monthly sessions with industry insiders covering topics of social change; from equal pay, to diversity, to the relationship between brands & influencers allow Daisy a front row seat to both consumer demands and key influencers.

How to communicate better with your demographic? Women in Fashion works with brands to bring insight into the ever-evolving social expectations from a generation habituated to digesting information at quick fire speed, in both the physical and digital spheres.

Daisy also carries with her 5 years prior experience as Digital Account Director for brands including Salvatore Ferragamo, Bella Freud, Forever 21, Nuxe etc

For speaking & consultancy queries;